Our Resource Services

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The Children’s Village offers a variety of resources for both providers and parents, including a “drop-in play group, support for parents to find information on daycare options (PEDCO Seminar), and additional workshops.

Our Resource Centre

Our child-focused centre invites providers and parents to bring in their preschoolers, toddlers and babies to the “drop-in” play group for:

  • crafts, games, painting, songs and free play
  • special holiday activities
  • healthy snacks

Parents and providers can join in the fun with the children, share ideas and experiences with others attending and also consult with our experienced and knowledgeable staff who facilitate the play sessions.

Please see Resource Centre for more information about the drop-in centre, including hours and location information.

Parents Exploring Day Care Options Seminar

The Children’s Village offers a three-hour seminar, called PEDCO, to help parents make informed decisions about their Child Care Options.

Sessions are offered every third Thursday afternoon of each month at the Children’s Village main office, 333 Churchill Ave North, Ottawa, K1Z 5B8.

Please see Info on Daycare Options for more information regarding PEDCO.

Other Workshops

To provide a caring, fun, and safe environment for children requires ingenuity, stamina, and skill. The Children’s Village offers a variety of workshops in the following areas for parents and/or providers to develop additional skills, share ideas and network.

Our workshops include the following:

  • caring for children
  • first aid
  • income tax
  • arts & crafts
  • health related topics

Please see Workshops for information on how to sign up.

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